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Easter Blessings 

This has been a frustrating season. My expectations for how this all was supposed to go have been torpedoed and left to sink. Where I have desired peace, I have found busyness, where I have sought quiet, I have found noise. Not music--noise. I have come to my favorite time of year distracted, harried, and unable to tune out the self-conscious voice in my head that seems to shout whenever someone else is saying something I know in my soul I need to hear. 

Lent never used to be so important to me; for most…

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This Month In My Head 

With winter coming, on the advice of my wife I read A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It is much shorter than I would have expected (my only other reference for Dickens was Great Expectations, which was not all I'd hoped for), and thoroughly enjoyable. My wife also shared with me an article that details the real-life inspiration for the character of Scrooge. That such a character was basically a near-to-life portrait of a very sad, lonely man caused me to reflect on the materialism of the season. It is…

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