January Recap

Hey everybody, 

One month of this artistic experiment down, eleven upcoming! As I expected, executing the plan is proving more difficult than talking about it, and I’ve fallen behind. This month I posted a trio of songs and two writings (including the essay I posted February 1). I have mixed feelings about both, but this adventure’s aim was learning quality through quantity, so I plan to keep churning until the good stuff appears. 

The posting delay stems from a few sources: first, my inner music critic is slowing down the writing process, and I must tame that beast. Second, after drafting my most recent essay, I purchased an editing tool (thank you patrons!) to produce higher quality work, and learned the hard way how much effort revision takes. However, armed with a better grip on the revision process, I expect to bounce back and get more stories posted. 

Finally, the happiest delay is my studio EP project! Last month I filled a fourteen hour day in Charlotte at an amazing space with my producer, Gage Owens. I’m slated another trek in February, and hopefully the CD will release by early May. Until then, enjoy photos of January's session. 




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