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Howdy! If you’ve made it this far, then we might be friends already. If so, thank you—I’m glad you’re my friend and grateful for your presence here. If not, thanks for stopping in—I hope to meet you soon!

Why I’m Here: You’ve heard the guy always humming across the cubicle wall? That’s me. An ever-present mental soundtrack narrates my day. I love the artistry and power of words; whether favorite song lyrics, well-crafted stories, or a soul-crushingly cheesy pun, they move me. In 2017, I committed to write songs regularly after toying with the craft since high school. In 2018, I felt compelled to attempt writing prose, another habit from my youth; yes, I was the strange boy who fancied myself an author at 12. I’m also a father, husband, and Swiss Army nerd. I believe God created us to create things, and this is my heart’s small contribution to the world.

So here’s the deal: Music and the written word are the main branches of this effort. As little as $1 per month lets you be part of the madness; but higher levels bring cooler rewards, like audio versions of story posts, and behind-the-scenes videos from the studio, stage, and road. You’ll also get discounted and/or free stuff!

Why subscribe: Our culture conditions us to be consumers--see/hear thing, like thing, buy thing, repeat. Becoming a subscriber changes the dynamic entirely: it means we're on the same team, in this together. And as my trusted circle of friends, you'll always see my best efforts first. I’d love to one day make a living through music, and I aim do it through this community of people whose names I know and whose stories I can share and rejoice in. Here’s your invitation to join that family. Thank you for visiting, and for your support.