The hardest ask is the one you can't refuse
No matter how you try
The cross you're made to bear you didn't earn
You're left to wonder why
When love is not the answer, it's a question
Hangin' heavy on your mind

If you live to cry another day
Will you regret it when you're old?
If you take your stand you'll never know

When everything inside of me is beggin' to hold on
Love is tellin' me to let you go
It's the hardest ask

By the time you see it comin' down
There ain't nowhere to hide
You know runnin' only gets you so far
And only angels fly
But what's the point in fighting
When the pain is sure and steady as the tide

Will you stay inside this house
When the cracks begin to show?
Don't you know that's what makes it home?

I would be your shelter but you're clingin' to these wounds
And I can't take your hand 'til you let go
It's the hardest ask

Love's a stained glass window that we build
From pieces of our past
Only if we let ourselves be shattered
It's the hardest ask