March Recap and Mea Culpa

Dear friends, 

I confess, this consistency beast is killing me! I missed writing my February recap, but in that vein, I published four songs and a short story (first in a hopefully fun series). So I had good vibes about February, it being the shortest month and having improved on January. And then… March. 

I haven’t intended to drop off the earth, but confess I spent the last weeks face full of mat in life’s half-nelson. However, I am crawling from the pit and managed writing a trio of songs while I was out. Recording them was another story, but: they’re coming. Expect a full slate of weekly songs in the coming weeks, starting this Thursday with a hymn that’s been rattling around my heart during Lent. It’s called “Let Us Examine Our Ways.” 

On the writing front, I’m still working through it—but music is a higher priority so if something goes, sadly it’s the prose. I still have numerous ideas waiting to become drafts, so expect at least one essay and perhaps another short story if I’m feeling crazy. 

My EP is past the recording and mixing phase—one step away from being complete! I’m super excited with the results and I can’t wait to share it with you. More details coming in the next couple months; I’m shooting for a mid-summer release. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for being my patrons and my friends—your support has made my recording project and continued art possible, and I look forward with joy to what’s in store. 



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