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Becoming a Feaster 

Feast (n): 

1 a : an elaborate and usually abundant meal often accompanied by a ceremony or entertainment: BANQUET 

B (1) : something that gives unusual or abundant enjoyment 


2  : a periodic religious observance commemorating an event or honoring a deity, person, or thing 

Easter is so close I can almost taste it—I say that not owing solely to moments during Lent I would have committed a felony assault for a forbidden morsel. As is my custom, I bit off more Lenten disciplines…

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Counting the Days 

Lately I've dwelt on the subject of mortality: seeking a neutral reflection, I find such musings must drift toward the personal. A nagging sense of death’s hidden omnipresence haunts me. I cannot avoid its touching my realm someday, but God has been merciful in keeping it relatively absent. Yet barring greater tragedy, my faithful (if stupid) dog, Sunny will die, forcing my children to witness death before they reach adulthood. Left unscathed in my youth, I fear I am ill-equipped to lead them through that…

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