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11 Minutes 


28 June 1949 

“Grab a smoke?” Sean nodded at the leather cigarette case. 

Joe eased one onto the table and shoved it toward him, keeping his gaze fixed on the camera’s viewfinder. He produced from his trouser pocket a silver lighter; it reflected the mix of moon and streetlight, revealing long vertical stripes and various geometric shapes imprinted into its body. The paint was wearing thin, and it bore the scuffs and scratches indicative of heavy use. Without moving from the camera, he…

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9 min.


A sweaty, crumpled handful of bills tumbled to the counter. The cashier stared at the filth-covered wad, shuddering from the unwashed man’s pungent odor. He stretched the money flat with his fingertips, laboring to avoid touching it. Three coins rolled into a gray dish below the register. The man retrieved his change and dropped it into a small plastic bin labeled, "employee college fund." Had he noticed the beggar’s gesture, he might have thanked him; instead, he rushed to locate the nearest…

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